Traditional Academic: Traditional academic classrooms provide an emphasis on social studies, science, language arts, reading, and math with the goal of obtaining a certificate of completion, diploma, or GED. T.C. Harris Academy can provide academics from kindergarten to 12th grade. functional academic

Functional Academic: Functional academic classrooms focus on practical reading, language arts, math, and the acquisition of skills to live independently in the community. Typically students within the functional academic classrooms will receive a certificate of completion. Functional academic curriculum includes vocational training, career planning, OT/Speech groups, current events, social skills groups, and emotional development.

Life Skills: Our life skills classrooms serve students who need more intensive instruction and training on basic activities of daily living. Many of the skills taught are pre-academic; requiring visual learning aides, hand-over-hand instruction, facilitated communication, and sensory integration. Classroom provides support for communication by utilizing Picture Exchange Communication (PECs) and other methods of communication as appropriate to the student’s needs. The classrooms integrate current technologies to assist students with learning.